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Cost of living and gym membership.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

When money is tight very often we see a wave of cancellations. We saw similar cancellations when people lost their job in the height of the pandemic.

Gym membership is often the first thing to be considered when cutting your monthly spend. However, we see it the other side too. When people are in a better financial position, gym membership is the first thing on their list to get. We’re always pleased to welcome members back and help them achieve their goals.

Sadly, typically, when we see people cancel then return 3-6 months later they have often let their fitness slip and come back with a lot more work to do to get their health back on track.

I’ve been there in the past. It’s not motivating in the slightest to have no money and then have to find the effort to exercise when you’ve had to cancel most the things you enjoy. Here’s a list of things you can do if you’re considering stopping your Adapt Fitness gym membership: - Freeze your membership instead of cancelling. It means we can keep your details on file and it’s much easier to get started again. Just say the word again, and we’ll be able to start your membership again and you can access the club within seconds. - When you freeze your membership we put a date in the diary for when you’d think it’s feasible to start your membership again. Don’t worry, we can always extend your freeze date if you need to do this. - If you do freeze or cancel, see if you can buddy up with a paying member and come back in on their guest pass so you can get a workout in.

- Every member gets 2 guest passes a month. We’ll always be pleased to see you and you’ll get no judgement from the staff. When you're ready to come back as a member, we'll be pleased to see you again. - Consider our gym or class voucher system. These are great if you just want to come and go for a few months, without the need for a repeat payment. - Movement matters - Even if you choose not to go to a gym in the next few months, try and keep your steps up, or try out one of the local parks with exercise equipment in if the weather is good enough. In every case, we’re here to help. You can contact us anytime from this page:


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